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Fair Labor Standards ActEverything you want to know about the FLSA and it's effect on you. Representing FOP MembersEverything you want to know your duties as a FOP Representative. Social Media / Cell Phone UseEverything you want to know about Social Media and your cell phone use at work.






NFOP Use of Force Webinar

This Webinar will focus on LEO's legal authority to use force against suspects and the impact of this very recent case on administrative and civil liability. Specifically, the U.S. Supreme Court has used language in this opinion that may alter the course of future internal investigations and civil liability.


NFOP Substance Abuse Testing of LEO Webinar

This Webinar will focus on employers' authority to test employees for use of substances. Specifically, the material will focus on post-incident substance testing, including critical incidents and vehicle accidents.


NFOP LEO's right to free speech Webinar

This webinar will present the continuing effect of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case on police officers' right to free speech and the impact on discipline. There is a multitude of cases resulting in a some very bizarre decisions that continue to leave us all perplexed or confused and just what speech permissible and what can lead to termination. This webinar will highlight some of those cases in order to provide some guidance to shape officer conduct in order to stay on the free side of speech.


NFOP Grievances and Arbitration

Grievances and Arbitration Webinar presented by Mike Coviello


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