The Fraternal Order of Police is the world's largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with over 350,000 members in more that 2,100 lodges.  We are committed to improving the working conditions of officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement and employee representation.


Here 's a quick overview of the wide variety of services and benefits that the National FOP offers to its members.


Legislative Office

The office on Capitol Hill lobbies on issues important to rank-and-file law enforcement officers.  The National Legislative Program is the most active and comprehensive of any law enforcement organizations in Washington DC.


Legal Defense Plan

This self-funded plan is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members to cover law enforcement exposures, including administrative, civil and criminal legal coverage; H.R. 218 coverage and the Moonlighting Liability Insurance Program


Labor Services Division

Comprehensive resources and services designed to ensure that no officer goes to the bargaining table alone.  Labor Services stands ready to provide the people and resources you need for contract information, experienced legal experts, training seminars, personalized labor research and more.


National Peace Officer's Memorial Service

This solemn event is held every year during National Police Week to honor those who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Open to the public, it brings together the expanded law enforcement family and national leaders, pays tribute to the fallen and offers words of comfort to their surviving family members.


FOP Journal

Published four times a year, the FOP Journal is the official publication of the FOP Grand Lodge. Each issue contains reports form the Executive Board, updates on law enforcement legal and labor issues and so much more!

The Official online companion to the FOP Journal, the website is for members and features expanded articles from the magazine, a product directory, regular sweepstakes and the ability to share your thoughts on articles with other FOP members.

Education Services

The Education Services Committee develops and implements professional law enforcement training programs and events to equip members with the skills needed to enhance their careers, and has established a training schedule covering a wide spectrum of leadership, labor and legal issues.  The Grand Lodge also provides scholarships to eligible applicants.


National Fraternal Order of Police University (NFOPU)

Recognizing that a four-year and graduate degrees are increasingly important for law enforcement career advancement, the FOP collaborates with a select consortium of Universities willing to offer members the education they need with a flexible schedule and reasonable cost.


Charity Partnerships

• Easter Seals:  Helping children and adults with disabilities live better lives is at the heart of the Easter Seals' mission, and the FOP, as a long-standing Easter

seals National Corporate Partner, has helped raise more the $15 million. Donate online at and be sure to indicate your FOP affiliation when donating!


Disaster Relief

As part of the NFOP Foundation the Fraternal Order of Police Disaster Relief Fund (a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization) relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations and is always prepared to assist our members in distress.


Service Providers

The National FOP list of Service Providers currently includes Liberty Mutual Insurance, car rental from Avis and Enterprises, and a variety of licensed products from HALO, the official FOP merchandiser








Legislative Office

What good is a union without voice?  Jim Mann has been the voice of FOP at the State Capital for the past 20 years. Along with Isaacson & Moore PC, they earned the title of "the voice of Law Enforcement in Arizona". They are your voice with the law makers.


Legal Defense Plan

The Arizona Legal Defense Plan is administrated by the FOP Arizona Labor Council (ALC) and is executed by the Law Firm of  Yen, Pilch & Landeen, P.C.


Labor Services Division

This is the jewel of all our offerings.  FOP44's Labor Services Division is ran by Stephan Vandergrift, I retired ADC Lieutenant with over 20 years of dealing with ADC Administrative Policy and Grievances.  When you need help, Steve is the man to call.


Membership Portability

Your FOP membership is transferable to any Law Enforcement job you have.  You get the same coverage if you're a Correctional Officer, then get another job as a Police Officer, your membership and benefits stay with you.  Once FOP, always FOP.

Arizona Correctional Officer's Memorial Service

Started by the Fraternal Order of Police in 2014. This solemn event is held in May, the Friday before National Police Week to honor those Correctional Staff who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Open to the public at the Correctional Officers Training Academy (COTA), it brings together the expanded law enforcement family and State Leaders, to pay tribute to the fallen and offer words of comfort to their surviving family members.

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 44 is a proud sponsor of this event.


FOP Newsletter

Twice a year, FOP44 mails a newsletter to all members.


Membership in NRA

Free membership in the National Rifle Association, through the Life of Duty Program.


FOP Credit Union

Free membership in the National Police Federal Credit Union.


Membership Challenge Coin

Each member receives the FOP44 Challenge Coin, as thanks for joining FOP44.


Education Services

FOP Lodge 44 has partnered with the prestigious Arizona State University. To help our members earn a degree from one of the

top-ranked criminal justice schools in the nation, now available 100% on-line.


ADC Meet & Confer

FOP Leadership and Complex Representatives meet with the ADC Command Staff every quarter to address Statewide issues that need the attention of the ADC Director.


FOP License Plate

Members of the AZ FOP have access to support the State and Local Lodge by purchasing the FOP Member License Plate, this highly restrictive item is only available to members of the FOP in good standing.


Accidental D&D Insurance

No cost $3,000+ AD&D insurance from American income life for every FOP44 Member.


Membership Pin

Each member receives the world famous round FOP pin that is authorized by the Department for uniform wear.

FOP44 Store

The FOP44 Store started in 2012 to offer custom ADC badges to celebrate the State Centennial.  Today the site offers a secure and discounted place to order items for everyday use.


Discount Vendors

FOP44, continues to search for Discounts for our membership.  (See the Discount link below for full list and details)

Discounted tickets from Disney Land, Six Flags, Knott's Berry Farm. Discounted services from LifeLock, Dell Computer, Apple Computer, Liberty Mutual, LifeShield Alliance,, Aflac, ESM, TicketatWork, Supershuttle, Avis, Enterprise, Calibre Press, Oakley Stand issue, Playful Pet Sittters, Veteran Automotive Repair, YTB Travel Network.


Verizon Corporate Cell Phone Program

Have a cell phone? Switching to the Verizon FOP Corporate cell phone plan can save you enough to pay for your FOP membership including the Legal Plan.




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