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The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Plan is the plan

that all other associations try to emulate.






One of the most appreciated services provided by the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police is our Legal Defense Plan that is designed to cover the legal exposures faced by members of the Arizona FOP.


The plan is member governed, protects the rights of officers and provides free attorney representation in employment related criminal, civil and administrative matters. Read the legal plan below and we are confident you will find it to be the best law enforcement legal defense plan available.


In addition to providing attorney representation in work related criminal, civil and administrative matters, the legal plan also allows unlimited phone or office consultations with an attorney on any personal legal matter. The legal plan also provides a free will for members and spouses as well a discounted rate for estate planning matters.  The legal plan also provides benefits in workers compensation matters and a discounted rate for other legal services.


Best of all, you can call the law firm directly, thus you do not need permission from anyone to access your benefits under the legal plan.


Note: If you are involved in a Critical Incident, call the FOP attorneys immediately. If the Incident occurs after normal duty hours, call the After Hours toll free line.


The Plan includes:


* Attorney defense of criminal employment-related matters

* Attorney defense of civil employment-related matters

* Attorney Representation before merit and personnel boards, and before civil service commissions,

   and other administrative tribunals

* Attorney response to critical incidents 24/7

* Salary reimbursement benefits

* Attorney representation in employment-matters for family members

* Attorney consultations both in person or telephonic (unlimited) on any matter the firm handles

* Attorney consultations and representation in Workers’ Compensation and matters before the

   Industrial Commission

* Attorney assistance with retirement matters including medical disability retirements

* Nationwide LEOSA/HR218 firearms coverage

* Employee Contract Development

* Comprehensive estate planning, including Trusts and Powers-of-Attorney and free wills

* Attorney representation in probate matters

* Attorney representation in traffic matters

* Expert Witnesses

* Consultation and representation in matters related to off-duty jobs


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