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The FOPA is a civilian affiliate of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Our members are friends and families of law enforcement Officers, responsible and respected business persons, professional men and women, and citizens from all walks of life—people willing to devote a portion of their time and efforts toward assisting the various law enforcement agencies of our communities, states and nation.


You can join the Fraternal Order of Police as an Associate Member by completing the form below.


Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 44 Dues are $12.00 per month


By filling out this application for FOP membership you also agree to pay for any optional benefits that you as a member sign up or opt in for and you also agree to assume all responsibility for payment as an individual of the those benefits.


A public access back ground check of your name will be completed to make sure that you have not been convicted of any offense that will deem your membership unexceptionable to the Order.


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