Comparing Employee Organizations

Everyday we are asked questions on how FOP44 is different from the other Employee Organizations/Unions.  Besides the "Aren't you just for the COPS?" Question, (No we are not by the way) And we get the “How are you different from the other guys?”


With that in mind, in 2011, we thought we would do a comparison between FOP44 and the other ADC employee organizations.  We were not the first organization to do a compare, but we are the first to offer a fair comparison. We are not comparing Parent Organizations, which we also feel are better, but the organizations with boots on the ground and skin in the game and we only compare Organizations recognized by the Arizona Department of Corrections.


Keeping with our transparent operational mandates, listed below is what we believe is correct and up-to-date information on the below organizations.


We gathered the information from organizational websites, hand-outs, published material in the public domain, and from former members of the other organizations who are now FOP Members.


Since 2011, we have offered the comparison, we have stated, "if anyone believes that any information on this site is incorrect for their organization, they can provide that information to us and we would be glad up update the comparison".  The only rule is that the organization provide us with printed or published proof of the offer to their membership.


To date, we have received no such requests. Other than statements that we are unfair and broken an unwritten rule as to not compare our services to theirs.  This coming from the first association to complete a compare between the three organizations.  They did not even care when we pointed out that their information was wrong and never offered to correct it. So, we decided to create our own and set the record straight.


Please submit corrections/proof to: [email protected]

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